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Who is this "Bapoo"?

Who is this "Bapoo"?

Sounds very intriguing! Most Palace correspondence generally are, especially if they are fragments with no sequence to establish the entire!

Here is a letter dated April 24th, 1924, from The Palace Palanpur, written by a Kalijan (could be royalty or a letter writer)

(Text of the letter)
My dear Meeru Khan Bhai,
I am sorry to learn about the serious illness of your wife. I hope May God recover her soon and kindly inform me about the state of her health
We are all quite Khoosh here including Bapoo and wish you the same...
Now, who is this Bapoo?
I do understand that the Nawab of Palanpur did meet Mahatma Gandhi a number of times during his transit between Delhi and Gandhidham. Is this letter any reference to one such visit?
Will welcome any information.  It will only make this letter more interesting!

(Text of the letter)
Please when you write a letter please have it written in Gujarati or in English and not in Urdu  as no one is here in our Durbar to read Urdu.
Master conveys his Salams to you
Yours Sincerely,
'Master' is being referred to:
Colonel H.H. Zubdat ul-Mulk Shri Diwan Mahakhan Nawab Sir Taley Muhammad Khan Bahadur, Nawab of Palanpur, (1918-1957)
Married to an Australian - Ms. Joan Alice Falkiner, after marriage known as H.H. Sukhan Bai Begum Sahiba, one son and two daughters
The letter was addressed to:
Chabuksawar Meeru Khan Bhure Khan, Jodhpur

An interesting postal observation:

I have two letters written by Kalijan, 1919 and 1924

The postal charges increased by double in this period!

1919 - 1/2 Anna

1924 - 1 Anna

In 5 years!

Dear Reader, if you have some interesting information that can add to what I have shared, do send your comments, and I would be glad to share the same!


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