Saturday, 18 October 2014

Incredible - An Acre of land at Rs. 2.50!

140 years old Land Record mentioning sale of lands at Rs. 2.50 per Acre!

In the early part of the 19th century, Bengal perhaps was where most land transactions took place especially when bulk lands were sold as well as purchased by tea planters and Indigo factory owners!
Here below is one such land record of 1872, where about 520 Acres was sold at Rs. 1302-6-3 (Rupees One Thousand Three Hundred and Two, Six Annas and Three Pies)
Mr H.C. Gibson Esq., at Tea planter from Cachar, of Budderpore Tea Gardens, purchased this piece of land!
The Stamp Duty was of Rs. 15/- with stamps affixed of that value!
Interesting to note here that the stamps above were dated with an embossing seal, here reading (April 17, 1873)
                                                             17         4  
Further more this sale of land gave Mr. Gibson, all rights of forest, pasturage, mines, fisheries, and all other proprietary right and interest in and over the soil of the lands to the use of Mr. Gibson, his heirs, representatives, and assigns forever free from all present and future demand on account of Government land revenue!
Rather interestingly, the administration then did take cognizance of the fact that 'rivers' or 'streams', if any on the land, were under the authority of the administration, and that the owner (here Mr. Gibson) had to make provision of  'a strip of land, at least 25 feet in width along each bank of every navigable river, or stream, which now or at any time hereafter, shall flow within the limits of the grant, the right of freely using any such river or stream for purposes of navigation or irrigation or transportation of timber or other property or any other purposes of general utility'.
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