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Autographed Letter Signed (ALS) - George Eden, 1st Earl of Auckland, Governor-General of India (1836-1842)

This letter is part of my collection of letters written by various Governor-Generals of India and Viceroys that held administrative control of India

George Eden - 1st Earl of Auckland

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The Letter to the Maha Rajah Birjinder Sewaee Bulwant Sing Behadur Behadur Jung

Maha Rajah Birjinder Sewaee Bulwant Sing Behadur Behadur Jung
My esteemed Friend
You have doubtless been apprized from the Newspapers and other Channels, of my intention to proceed on a visit to the Upper Provinces, I now inform you, that, by the Blessings of God, I propose to set off by water at the latter end of October next. As I consider you in the light of a Sincere friend to the British Government. I have accordingly deemed it proper to acquaint you of the above
I remain
With much Consideration
Your Sincere Friend
Fort William
31st July 1837

(1784–1849). Auckland was a Whig who served as president of the Board of Trade under Grey and as 1st lord of the Admiralty under Melbourne . In 1835, he was appointed governor-general of India. The most important developments of his period in office concerned external relations. He pursued commercial expansion from India into Afghanistan and central Asia. He was responsible for undertaking the first Afghan War, which initially was prosecuted with success and gained him an earldom. However, incautious policies towards ‘the tribes’ soon stirred revolt. In the winter of 1841–2, British forces were obliged to retreat and were shot down or frozen to death in the snow. Of 16,000 men who set out from Kabul only one, Dr Brydon, survived beyond the Khyber pass to proclaim himself, famously, ‘the army of the Indus’. Lord Auckland was recalled in disgrace in February 1842.

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