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1835 - Constellation Map for October, November, and December

Constellation Map - 1835

The most remarkable Constellation Map and Planosphere was engraved by W.G. Evans, under the direction of E.H. Burritt, and Published by F.J. Huntington in 1835, and entered according to the Act of Congress on Sept. 1st, 1835

It is very interesting to note that before the invention of Compass, much of the navigation across the sea was done following the sightings of the constellations at night!

Now look at the above chart and note the following constellations;

As we enter the month of October, focusing at the Equator, we notice the diminishing of the Sea Goat or Capricornus constellation, and raise of the Water Bearer or Aquarius, having a pot of water flowing through the sky. This water is the River Aquarius or Fluvius Aquarii. To the end of the river is the South Fish (which is in the Southern Hemisphere).

As we progress towards the 25th of October, we come across the Western Fish, and right on top of Aquarius are the Flying Horse or Pegasus.

As we cross the First Meridian of the Heavens on Nov. 10th, we come across the Phoenix and The Whale or Cetus constellations in the Southern Hemisphere and Andromeda in the Northern Hemisphere.

Going further alongside Andromeda constellation is the Northern Fish, and as we enter the 7th of December, we meet the Ram or Aries

The close up above provides interesting perspective of the constellations close to the Equator

The Aquarius Constellation as a close up!

The month of October from the Southern Hemisphere, Polar region!

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