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WWI - Hudson Whistle 1914 - Trench Whistles made for India!

The Hudson Trench Whistle 1914 - World War 1 - India

Sometimes it is surprising what can come by as a thing of value while casually looking through an old shop! Oftentimes even the shop keeper has very little idea and is just too happy to have made a sale!

That's how I came by this very interesting Trench Whistle!

Below is the photo of my Whistle of the WW1 with the Broad Arrow indicating the property of Great Britain and the 'I' indicating India.  The 1914 indicates this was probably military issued during WW1.

As per Mr. Tom Crandall of Antique Outings, The Trench Whistles of World War 1 and World War 2 got their start around  1875 by Joseph Hudson of Birmingham, England.  Joseph Hudson and James Hudson started the J Hudson & Company and began manufacturing whistles.

In WW1, the Army had a system where they would used different whistles to coordinate movement.  The Battalion Commander had a siren whistle, the Company Commander had a kinglet whistle, and the Platoon and Squad leaders had thunderer whistles.

Hudson Trench Whistle

During WW1, Hudson & Co produced the Hudson Officer’s trench Whistle.  The Whistles normally had “JHudson”, “Birmingham” and the Date of the Whistle stamped on the front.    The patent number is visible on the bottom “Patent 5727 .08″.  A leather strap or lanyard would connect the whistle so that a solder could attach it to their uniform.

Here is a short video Tom put together on some of the whistles he has collected. In the video he mentions of the Broad Arrow marking.  If you would like to learn more, check out his article on the British Broad Arrow.

 (Credits - Tom Crandall)

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