Thursday, 2 October 2014

Collecting - A Fascination?

As a collector of over 30 years, I have often been asked on how I developed this hobby!

My reply has been that it all started as a fascination that took serious overtones as I got more interested following reading on my artefact, meeting owners of similar artefacts, visiting museums with the curiosity of a seeker of knowledge, joining relevant groups, etc.!

In short, doing all that is needed to increase profoundness in my search for knowing as much as there is to develop an interest of my fascination.

Oftentimes seeking information on how to keep that artefact itself was a search of knowledge, that at some times even reduced the fascination to eventually lose interest in that artefact.

Nonetheless, after 30 years, I can aver with some certainty, that this hobby, has now developed into a mature collection, fit enough to be exhibited as 'A Collection'

Now, what exactly is a Collection?

It is any number of articles or artefacts that are similar to each other or part of the same sequence of category, or part of the same period that classifies it as a Collection!

So, to illustrate this, one of my collection is of Autographed Letters Signed (ALS);


1. These are Letters
2. They are all autograph (written by the writer's hand)
3. They are all Signed by the writer

Taking this further, I have these ALS of different Governor Generals of India, Viceroys of India.  Now this collection of letters by these gentlemen and some letters written and signed by their wives, comprise my Collection!

A Collection then is complete if all the letters are bunched together to form a ready reckoner of information for any person pursuing interest in this area.

If on the other hand I were to collect anything and everything, I may not be called a Collector, and may be termed as investor! Meaning buying, with little or no intention of making a complete story, but with an eye for a future sale with a profit!

Collecting is also Investing, but done with a purpose of completing a story!

The advantage of Collecting is that in the event I do not want to keep it and want to monetise it, I would find ready buyers, as, buying a Collection, saves time and owing the Collection provides immediate cognition among fellow men!

Further a Collection also aids researchers into gaining knowledge which is comprehensive.

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